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From the desk of Nan Cameron

Founder, Plentiful Life Counselling

How I can help

Hi. My name is Nan Cameron and I am the founder of Plentiful Life Counselling. We all have the capacity to live plentiful lives. Sometimes life events can cause life to become restricted and painful. At those times, help is often needed to move forward to a fuller life. Counselling is very effective in assisting you to release the restrictions and learn how to process the painful experiences. 

As your counsellor, I can walk alongside you, assisting you in your healing journey. I am passionate about helping you in such situations to find the way back to the plentiful life you were born to live. It is an honour to journey with you as you discover the strength you possess to live life to the full.

What happens in counselling

The counselling sessions are 60 minutes long. During these sessions you are able to explore areas of difficulty in your life in a non-threatening, affirming, listening environment. 

The first session is a ‘get to know each other’ session. In this session you are able to experience me as your counsellor and decide if we are going to be a good fit. You will have an opportunity to discuss what has led you to seek counselling and what you are hoping the outcome of your counselling sessions will be. Towards the end of your session we will discuss the basic counselling plan, including what approaches will be used. 

Counselling approaches

Not just talking...

I do not just use talk therapy with people. Sand tray, painting, clay work, writing, poetry, journaling using art and/or writing/poetry, movement, mindfulness meditation, energy rebalancing and Reiki are some of the tools I use in my counselling sessions. 

A collaboration

It is important that you are in control of your progress and for that reason the counselling is a collaboration between you and me. I will not use approaches without explaining them to you and seeking your agreement to use them. I also teach you about the way your brain works and how the different therapy approaches work (this is referred to as psychoeducation).

About Nan

Nan Cameron

Nan Cameron

My qualifications are:

I am a former registered nurse, and have had extensive experience as a crisis line telephone counsellor with Salvo Care Line. I am experienced in providing counselling support to adults and children in coping with change in their lives and working with children in both a counselling and mentoring capacity. I have also run “Seasons” grief and loss programs for children and adults.

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